Dr Peter C. Hansen

Senior Lecturer
School of Psychology


Technical Director
Birmingham University Imaging Centre (BUIC)

E-mail: p.c.hansen @bham.ac.uk
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Research Interests

  • Neural encoding and representation in the brain
    How is learned information and knowledge represented and encoded in the human cortex?

  • Reading and Visual Word Recognition
    One specific application of the above problem of information encoding is the challenge of understanding precisely how orthography (written language) is encoded in the brain. I am therefore interested in understanding how visual processing gives rise to word recognition and reading and the relationships between letter-string position encoding, dynamic visual attention and visual word recognition.

  • Reading impairments and dyslexia
    I am also interested in how auditory and visual processing perceptual impairments may give rise to reading impairments and developmental dyslexia. What are the consequences for the encoding and representation of language - phonology and orthography - in these situations?

  • Theory of Mind, Social Cognition and the Role of the TPJ
    What function does the temporo-parietal junction have in the functioning of the brain? What aspects of Theory of Mind processing and Social Cognition does it subserve? Can it be parcellated in smaller functional regions, and if so, what precise functions do these serve?

  • Clinical and Psychiatric Applications
    I have recently become interested in looking at the role of the TPJ in being hyper- or hypo-activated and/or how it may be differently connected in various clinical and psychiatric groups such as Giles de la Tourette's Syndrome.

Research Methods Used

  • MRI, fMRI, DTI, RSNs and MRS
  • MEG
  • tDCS
  • Advanced statistical modelling using Matlab and R
  • Psychophysics and other computerized testing
  • Behavioural and other questionnaire based testing

Current Teaching

  • Module leader TDP/MSc programming - Fundamentals in Brain Imaging
  • Module leader TDP/MSc programming - Matlab
  • Project Supervisor for MSc placement and project students
  • Personal and Academic Tutor for 1st year Psychology undergraduates
  • Personal and Academic Tutor for 2nd year Psychology undergraduates
  • Personal and Academic Tutor for 3rd year Psychology undergraduates
  • Project Supervisor for Year 3 UG project students

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