the painterís eye movements

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Authors: Chris Miall & John Tchalenko

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This is a brief summary of some work on eye and hand movements in artists and novices.

It is work done under the Wellcome Trust's Sci-Art scheme. 

The work was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, London, from April 16 to June 13 1999. 

It will appear in the International Journal of Art & Sciences, Leonardo, in 2001.

(Miall R.C. & Tchalenko, J. (2001) The painterís eye movements: A study of eye and hand movement during portrait painting. Leonardo, Int. J. Arts & Sciences, 34: 35-40
see also Solso R. (2001) in same issue)


double portrait
the eye captures
the brain processes
the hand implements
the eye evaluates
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