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My research focuses on motor learning and motor coordination, usually in visually guided actions (such as tracking moving objects, or using a computer mouse). Much of my recent work has been directed towards questions of predictive knowledge and predictive control, and how these issues reflect on the use of 'internal models' in the nervous system. We are using tests of human motor psychophysics, with functional MRI and TMS as brain mapping techniques.


I have been studying sensory motor control for about 30 years. My PhD was a mix of behavioural studies and developmental endocrinology in locusts, with John Moorhouse at Imperial College London. I started off my post-doctoral research in the electrophysiology of crayfish, working with Jim Larimer in Austin, Texas. I was then trained in signal analysis by Dick Kitney at Imperial College and worked on primate neurophysiology with John Stein at Oxford. In 1986 I studied flight control in locusts and dabbled in neural networks while at King’s College Research Centre in Cambridge. And in 1989 I returned to Oxford, where I stayed till 2004. Then I moved to the Behavioural Brain Sciences Centre in the University of Birmingham, and that's where I am ...


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March 27, 2013


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A few recent publications

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