My Vinyl & CD Collection - mainly Soundtracks

I have a lot of Vinyl, although anything after '91 is likey to be a CD.
Where I have two copies, the 'CD' version is shown in 'red'

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AHA (Hunting High and Low). Warner Bros. 1985.

ALKAEMY (The Merlin Mystery). Earthtone. 1998.
The Merlin Mystery

ARNOLD D. (Stargate). Milan. 1994.
ARNOLD D. (Independence Day). BMG. 1996.
ARNOLD D. VARIOUS (Godzilla - The Album). Epic / Sony. 1998.
ARNOLD D. GOLDSMITH J. (Stargate SG-1). Milan. 1999.
ARNOLD D. KINER K. (Wing Commander). Sonic Images. 1999.
ARNOLD D. GOLDSMITH J. (The Best of Stargate SG-1, Season 1). GNP/Crescendo. 2001.
ARNOLD D. (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader). Sony Music. 2010.
ARNOLD D. PRICE M. (Sherlock (Series 1)). Silva Screen Records. 2012.
ARNOLD D. PRICE M. (Sherlock (Series 2)). Silva Screen Records. 2012.
ARNOLD D. PRICE M. (Sherlock (Series 3)). Silva Screen Records. 2014.
ARNOLD D. PRICE M. (Sherlock (Series 4)). Silva Screen Records. 2017.
Stargate Independence Day Godzilla Stargate SG-1 Wing Commander Best of Stargate Voyage of Dawn Treader Sherlock Series 1 Sherlock Series 2 Sherlock Series 3 Sherlock Series 4

ASIA (Alpha). Geffen. 1983.
ASIA (Astra). Geffen. 1985.
ASIA (The Very Best of Asia - Heat of the Moment (1982 - 1990)). Geffen. 2000.
ASIA (Phoenix). Frontiers Records. 2008.
Best of Asia Phoenix

ASTLEY E. (Department S (1969)). Network. 2008.
ASTLEY E. (Randal and Hopkirk (deceased) (1969)). Network. 2008.
ASTLEY E. (The Champions (1969)). Network. 2009.
Department S Randal and Hopkirk (deceased) The Champions

BACALOV L. (The Italian Western of Luis Bacalov). Vivim. 1996.
BACALOV L. (Django (1966)). GDM Muisc. 2013.
Italian Westerns Django

BACHARACH B. (Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid (1968)). A&M. 2003.
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

BACHELET P. (Gwendoline). RCA. 1984.

BADELT K. (The Time Machine). Varese Sarabande. 2002.
BADELT K. (Pirates of The Caribbean I - The Curse of the Black Pearl). Walt Disney Records. 2003.
The Time Machine Black Pearl

BALFE L. (Terminator Genisys). Skydance. 2015. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
Terminator Genisys

BARENBOIM D. (Conductor) ( Danse Macabre, L'Apprenti Sorcier etc.) 1981.

BARRON L. & B. (Forbidden Planet (1956)). Small Planet. 1989.
Forbidden Planet

BARRY J. (The Black Hole). 1979.
BARRY J. (High Road to China). Silva Screen Records. 1983.
BARRY J. (Octopussy). A&M. 1983.
BARRY J. (A View to a Kill). EMI. 1985.
BARRY J. VARIOUS (Midnight Cowboy (1969)). EMI. 1985.
BARRY J. (Out of Africa). MCA. 1985.
BARRY J. DOLBY T. (Howard the Duck). MCA. 1986.
BARRY J. (The Living Daylights). Warner Bros. 1987.
BARRY J. (Dances with Wolves). Epic. 1990.
BARRY J. (High Road to China (1983)). Hot. 1990.
BARRY J. (Chaplin). Epic Soundtrax. 1992.
BARRY J. (Somewhere in Time (1980)). BGO. 1994.
BARRY J. (Out of Africa (1985)). Varese Sarabande. 1997.
BARRY J. (The Best Of John Barry - Themeology). Columbia. 1997.
BARRY J. (Raise The Titanic (1980)). Silva Screen Records. 2000. <= digital d'load (Qobuz)
BARRY J. (The Ipcress File (1965)). Silva Screen Records. 2002.
BARRY J. (On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) [Remastered]). EMI Capitol. 2003.
BARRY J. (Thunderball (1962) [Remastered]). EMI Capitol. 2003.
BARRY J. (You Only Live Twice (1967) [Remastered]). EMI Capitol. 2003.
BARRY J. (Dances with Wolves (1990)). Epic/Legacy. 2004.
BARRY J. (The Black Hole (1979)). Walt Disney Records. 2011.
BARRY J. COLOMBIER M.(The Golden Child (1986)). La-La Land Records. 2011.
Midnight Cowboy High Road Chaplin Somewhere in Time Out of Africa John Barry Themeology Raise The Titanic The Ipcress File On Her Majesty's Secret Service Thunderball You Only Live Twice Dances with Wolves The Black Hole The Golden Child

BATES T. (300). Warner Bros. 2007.
BATES T. (Watchmen (Score)). Reprise Records. 2009.
BATES T. (Conan the Barbarian). Warner Bros. 2011.
BATES T. (Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)). Marvel Music. 2017. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
BATES T. (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2). Marvel Music. 2017. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
BATES T. RICHARD J.J.(John Wick (2014)). Varese Sarabande. 2017. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
BATES T. RICHARD J.J.(John Wick: Chapter 2). Varese Sarabande. 2017. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
300 Watchmen - Score Conan the Barbarian Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy 2 John Wick John Wick: Chapter 2

BELLING A. (Starchaser: The Legend of Orin (1985)). BSX Records. 2012.
Starchaser: The Legend of Orin

BELTRAMI M. (Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines). Varese Sarabande. 2003.
BELTRAMI M. (The Thing (2011)). Varese Sarabande. 2011.
BELTRAMI M. (Gods of Egypt). Lions Gate. 2016. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
BELTRAMI M. (Ben-Hur (2016)). Sony Classical. 2016.
Terminator 3 The Thing (2011) Gods of Egypt Ben-Hur (2016)

BENATAR P. (Greatest Hits). Capitol Records. 2005.
Greatest Hits

BERLIN (Count Three and Prey). Phonogram. 1986.

BERNSTEIN E. VARIOUS (Ghostbusters). Arista. 1984.
BERNSTEIN E. (Wild Wild West). Varese Sarabande. 1999.
BERNSTEIN E. (Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983)). Varese Sarabande. 2005.
BERNSTEIN E. (Saturn 3 (1980)). Intrada. 2006.
BERNSTEIN E. (The Great Escape (1963)). Intrada. 2011.
BERNSTEIN E. (True Grit (1969)). La-La Land Records. 2013.
BERNSTEIN E. (The Ten Commandments (1956)). Soundtrack. 2014. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
BERNSTEIN E. (The Magnificent Seven (1960)). Editions Milan Music. 2015. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
Wild Wild West Spacehunter Saturn 3 The Great Escape True Grit The Ten Commandments The Magnificent Seven

BERNSTEIN L. (West Side Story (1961)). Masterworks. 2012.
West Side Story

BEST P. (Crocodile Dundee). Silva Screen Records. 1986.

BILK A. (Feelings). Castle Pulse. 1998.
BILK A. (Stranger On The Shore - The Best Of). Castle Pulse. 2001.
Feelings Stranger on the Shore

BIRD J. (The Collected Broadcasts of Idi Amin (1975)). Castle Pulse. 2008.
The Collected Broadcasts of Idi Amin

The 12th Man (BIRMINGHAM B.) (It's Just Not Cricket). EMI. 1999.
The 12th Man (BIRMINGHAM B.) (The Final Dig?). EMI. 2001.
It's Just Not Cricket Final Dig

BOND (Born). Decca. 2000.

BORODIN A. WRIGHT R. FORREST G. PREVIN A. (Conductor) (Kismet (1955)). Rhino Records. 1996.

BRICUSSE L. NEWLEY A. (Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971)). MCA. 1996.
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

BROMFMAN P. (Robocop). Sony Classical. 2014.

BROUGHTON B. (Young Sherlock Holmes and the Pyramid of Fear). MCA. 1986.
BROUGHTON B. VARIOUS (Lost in Space). epic / TVT. 1998.
Lost in Space

BT. (Stealth (2005)). Columbia Pictures. 2013. <= digital d'load (7Digital)

BUCKETHEAD (Colma). CyberOctave. 1998.

BUCKLEY D. (The Forbidden Kingdom). Lionsgate. 2008.
Forbidden Kingdom

BUDD R. (Get Carter (1971)). Silva Screen Records. 2010.
BUDD R. (Fear is the Key (1972)). Silva Screen Records. 2010.
BUDD R. (The Wild Geese (1978)). Silva Screen Records. 2010.
Get Carter Fear is the Key The Wild Geese

BURWELL C. (A Knight's Tale (Score)). Columbia. 2001.
BURWELL C. VARIOUS (A Kinght's Tale). Columbia. 2001.
BURWELL C. (The Twilight Saga I: Twilight). Atlantic. 2008.
A Kinght's Tale (Score) A Kinght's Tale Twilight

BUSH K. (The Kick Inside). EMI. 1978.
BUSH K. (Hounds of Love). EMI. 1985.

CAMERON J. (The Protectors (1971, 1972)). Network. 2009.
The Protectors

CARLOS W. JOURNEY (Tron). CBS. 1982.
CARLOS W. (A Clockwork Orange (1972)). ESD. 1998.
CARLOS W. JOURNEY (Tron (1982)). Walt Disney Records. 2003.
A Clockwork Orange Tron

CARPENTER J. (Big Trouble in Little China). Silva Screen Records. 1986.
CARPENTER J. (The Fog (1980)). Silva Screen Records. 1992.
CARPENTER J. HOWARTH A. (Escape from New York (1981)). Silva Screen Records. 2005.
CARPENTER J. HOWARTH A. (Halloween III (1982)). Alan Howarth Inc. 2007.
CARPENTER J. (Big Trouble in Little China (1986)). La-La Land Records. 2008.
CARPENTER J. (The Fog (New Expanded Edition) (1980)). Silva Screen Records. 2012.
CARPENTER J. (Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)). Death Waltz Recording. 2013.
CARPENTER J. (Lost Themes). Sacred Bones Records. 2015. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
CARPENTER J. (Lost Themes II). Sacred Bones Records. 2016. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
The Fog Escape from New York Halloween III Big Trouble in Little China The Fog (New Expanded Edition) Assault on Precinct 13 Lost Themes Lost Themes II

CARROT J. (The Stun). CBS. 1983.

CHATTAWAY J. GOLDSMITH J. (Star Trek - Voyager). GNP. 1993.
Star Trek - Voyager

CHICAGO (17). Warner Bros. 1983.

CLAPTON E. KAMEN M. (Edge of Darkness). BBC. 1985.

CMIRAL E. (Battlefield Earth). Varese Sarabande. 2000.
Battlefield Earth

CONTI B. (For Your Eyes Only). Liberty.1981.
CONTI B. VARIOUS (The Karete Kid - II). Warner Bros. 1986.
CONTI B. (Masters of the Universe). Varese Sarabande. 1987.
CONTI B. VARIOUS (Rocky III (1982)). EMI. 1990.
CONTI B. (Masters of the Universe (1987)). Edel. 1992.
CONTI B. (For Your Eyes Only (1981)). EMI. 2003.
CONTI B. (Escape to Victory (1981)). Prometheus. 2005.
CONTI B. (Rocky Balboa - The Best of Rocky). Capitol Records. 2006.
Master of the Universe Rocky III For Yours Eyes Only Escape to Victory Rocky Balboa - The Best of Rocky

CONVERTINO M. (The Hidden). Varese Sarabande. 1987.

COOK P. MOORE D. (Derek & Clive (Live) (1976)). Island Records. 1989.
Derek & Clive (Live)

COPELAND S. VARIOUS (Highlander II). Bronze. 1990.

COPPOLA C. COPPOLA F. (Apocalypse Now REDUX (1979)). Nonsuch. 2001.
COPPOLA C. ROTA N. (The Godfather Part III). Colembia. 1990.
Apocalypse Now REDUX Godfather Part III

CORBIN N. (Conductor) (Instrumental Gold - Hits of the 50's, 60's, 70's). Michelle Audio. 1995.
Instrumental Gold

The CORRS (Forgiven not Forgotten). 143/Lava. 1995.
The CORRS (Talk on Corners). 143/Lava. 1998.
The CORRS (In Blue). 143/Atlantic. 2000.
Forgiven not Forgotten Talk on Corners In Blue

COX D. MULLER L. (Scored by)(Award Winning Film Themes). Stereo Gold Award. 1971.

CREWE B. FOX C. (Barbarella (1968)). Harkit Records. 2000.

DANNA J. (Continuum). Lakeshore Records. 2013.

DAVIS D. (The Matrix). Varese Sarabande. 1999.
DAVIS D. (The Matrix Revolutions). Maverick. 2003.
DAVIS D. VARIOUS (The Matrix Reloaded). Maverick. 2003.
The Matrix The Matrix Revolutions The Matrix Reloaded

DAVIES I. GORDON C. TOGNETTI R. (Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World). Decca. 2003.
Master & Commander

DAY D. (Calamity Jane (1953)). Delta Music. 2008.
Calamity Jane

DEBARGE (The Ultimate Collection). Motown. 1997.
The Ultimate Collection

DEBNEY J. (The Jungle Book). Walt Disney Records. 2016. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
The Jungle Book

DEEP PURPLE (The Platinum Collection). EMI. 2005.
The Ultimate Collection

DESPLAT A. (The Golden Compass). Decca. 2007.
DESPLAT A. (The Twilight Saga II: New Moon). WEA International. 2009.
DESPLAT A. (Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (Part 1)). Sony Music. 2010.
DESPLAT A. (Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (Part 2)). Sony Music. 2011.
DESPLAT A. (Godzilla). Sony Classical. 2014.
DESPLAT A. VARIOUS (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets). Valérian S.A.S. 2017. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
The Golden Compass New Moon The Deathly Hallows Part 1 The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Godzilla Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

DICOLA V. VARIOUS (Rocky IV). Scotti Bros. 1985.

DJAWADI R. (Iron Man). Lionsgate. 2008.
DJAWADI R. (Clash of the Titans). Sony Music. 2010.
DJAWADI R. (Game of Thrones). Varese Sarabande. 2011.
DJAWADI R. (Game of Thrones - Season 2). Varese Sarabande. 2012.
DJAWADI R. (Person of Interest). Varese Sarabande. 2012.
DJAWADI R. (Game of Thrones - Season 3). WaterTower Music. 2013.
DJAWADI R. (Pacific Rim). WaterTower Music. 2013.
DJAWADI R. (Person of Interest - Season 2). Varese Sarabande. 2013.
DJAWADI R. (Game of Thrones - Season 4). WaterTower Music. 2014.
DJAWADI R. (Game of Thrones - Season 5). WaterTower Music. 2015.
DJAWADI R. (Person of Interest - Seasons 3 & 4). Varese Sarabande. 2015.
DJAWADI R. (Game of Thrones - Season 6). Sony Classical. 2016. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
DJAWADI R. (Westworld (Season 1)). WaterTower Music. 2016. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
DJAWADI R. (Game of Thrones - Season 7). WaterTower Music. 2017. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
Iron Man Clash of the Titans Game of Thrones Game of Thrones 2 Person of Interest Game of Thrones 3 Pacific Rim Person of Interest - Season 2 Game of Thrones 4 Game of Thrones 5 Person of Interest - Season 3 & 4 Game of Thrones 6 Westworld (Season 1) Game of Thrones 7

DOLDINGER K. MORODER G. (The Never Ending Story). EMI. 1984.
DOLDINGER K. MORODER G. (The Never Ending Story). EMI. 1992.
The Never Ending Story

DONAGGIO P. MASSARA N. (The Howling). Varese Sarabande. 1981.
DONAGGIO P. MASSARA N. (The Howling (1981)). La-La Land Records. 2005.
The Howling

DOUGLAS J. (Crack in the World (1965)). La-La Land Records. 2016.
Crack in the World

DOYLE P. (Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire). Warner Bros. 2005.
DOYLE P. (Thor). Buena Vista. 2011.
DOYLE P. (Rise of the Planet of the Apes). Varese Sarabande. 2011.
DOYLE P. (Cinderella). Walt Disney Records. 2015.
The Goblet of Fire Thor Rise of the Planet of the Apes Cinderella

DRAGONFORCE (Ultra Beatdown). RoadRunner Records. 2008.
Ultra Beatdown

DUDLEY A. (The 10th Kingdom). Varese Sarabande. 2000.
The 10th Kingdom

DUN T. (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). Sony Music. 2000.
DUN T. (Hero). Sony Music. 2002.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Hero

DUPREZ H. VARIOUS (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). SBK. 1990.

EDELMAN R. (Daylight). Universal. 1996.
EDELMAN R. (Dragonheart). MCA. 1996.
EDELMAN R. (Anaconda). Edel. 1997.
EDELMAN R. (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor). Varese Sarabande. 2008.
Daylight Dragonheart Anaconda Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

EDMONSON G. (Firefly). Varese Sarabande. 2005.

EIDELMAN C. (Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country). MCA. 1991.
The Undiscovered Country

EKSTRAND J. (Life). Milan Records. 2017. <= digital d'load (7Digital)

ELFMAN D. (Batman). Warner Bros. 1989.
ELFMAN D. (Batman Returns). Warner Bros. 1992.
ELFMAN D. JONES T. (Mars Attacks !). Atlantic. 1996.
ELFMAN D. (Mission:Impossible). Point Music. 1996.
ELFMAN D. VARIOUS (Mission:Impossible (songs)). Mother. 1996
ELFMAN D. (Planet of the Apes). Sony. 2001.
ELFMAN D. (Men in Black II). Columbia. 2002.
ELFMAN D. (Spider-Man). Sony/Columbia. 2002.
ELFMAN D. (Terminator: Salvation). Reprise Records. 2009.
ELFMAN D. (Alice Through the Looking Glass). Walt Disney Records. 2016. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
Batman Returns Mars Attacks ! Mission:Impossible Mission:Impossible (songs) Planet of the Apes Men in Black II Spider-Man Terminator: Salvation Alice Through the Looking Glass

ENGLISHBY P. GOLD M. (The Musketeers (BBC) Series 2 & 3). Silva Screen. 2016. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
The Musketeers (BBC)

ERBE M. SOLOMON M. (Earth - Final Conflict). Sonic Images. 2000.
Earth - Final Conflict

ESHKERI I. (Stardust). Decca. 2007.
ESHKERI I. (Centurion). Moviescore Media. 2010.
Stardust Centurion

EVANESCENCE (Fallen). Capitol Records. 2003.
EVANESCENCE (The Open Door). Wind-up Records. 2006.
Fallen The Open Door

FALTERMEYER H. (The Running Man). TER. 1988.
FALTERMEYER H. (The Running Man). Colosseum. 1988.
Top Gun The Running Man

FAT MAN The & TEAM FAT (7/11). Ludix. 1997.

FENTON G. (The Company of Wolves (1984)). Jay Productions. 2000.
The Company of Wolves

FIEDEL B. (Terminator 2 - Judgement Day). Varese Sarabande. 1991.
FIEDEL B. (The Terminator - The Definite Edition (1984)). Varese Sarabande. 1994.
FIEDEL B. (The Terminator (1984)). Milan. 2016. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
The Terminator The Terminator

FOREIGNER (The Definitive Collection (1977 - 1992)). Atlantic/Rhino. 2006.
The Definitive Collection

FOX C. (The Gods Must Be Crazy II). BMG. 1990.
The Gods Must Be Crazy II

FRANKE C. (Enchanting Nature). Earthtone. 1994.
FRANKE C. (Babylon 5). Sonic Images. 1995.
FRANKE C. (Babylon 5: Severed Dreams - Season 3, episdoe 10). Sonic Images. 1996.
FRANKE C. (Babylon 5: A Late Delivery from Avalon - Season 3, episode 12). Sonic Images. 1996.
FRANKE C. (Babylon 5: Walkabout - Season 3, episode 18). Sonic Images. 1996.
FRANKE C. (Babylon 5: Shadow Dancing - Season 3, episode 21). Sonic Images. 1996.
FRANKE C. (Babylon 5: Z'Ha'Dum - Season 3, Finale). Sonic Images. 1996.
FRANKE C. (Babylon 5. Vol 2 - Messages from Earth.). Sonic Images. 1997.
FRANKE C. (Babylon 5: Endgame - Season 4, episode 20). Sonic Images. 1998.
FRANKE C. (Babylon 5: Objects at Rest - Season 5, episode 22). Sonic Images. 1998.
FRANKE C. (Babylon 5: Sleeping in Light - Season 5, Finale). Sonic Images. 1998.
FRANKE C. (Epic). Earthtone. 1999.
FRANKE C. (Babylon 5 - The Best of ... ). Sonic Images. 2001.
FRANKE C. (Babylon 5 - The Lost Tales). Varese Sarabande. 2007.
Enchanting Nature Babylon 5 Severed Dreams Avalon Walkabout Shadow Dancing Z'Ha'Dum Vol 2 - Messages from Earth Endgame Objects at Rest Sleeping in Light Epic The Best of ... The Lost Tales

GARCIA R. (H.G. Wells' The Time Machine (1960)). GNP/Crescendo. 1987.
H.G. Wells' The Time Machine

GASCOIGNE B. (Phase IV (1974)). La-La Land Records. 2016.
Phase IV

GERRARD L. BOURKE P. (The Insider). Sony Music. 1999.
The Insider

GIACCHINO M. (The Incredibles). Walt Disney Records. 2004.
GIACCHINO M. (Ratatouille). Walt Disney Records. 2007.
GIACCHINO M. (Star Trek). Varese Sarabande. 2009.
GIACCHINO M. (Up). Walt Disney Records. 2009.
GIACCHINO M. (John Carter). Walt Disney Records. 2012.
GIACCHINO M. (Star Trek: Into Darkness). Varese Sarabande. 2013.
GIACCHINO M. (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes). Sony Classical. 2014.
GIACCHINO M. (Jupiter Ascending). WaterTower Music. 2015.
GIACCHINO M. WILLIAMS J. (Jurassic World). WaterTower Music. 2015.
GIACCHINO M. (Star Trek: Beyond). Varese Sarabande. 2016. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
GIACCHINO M. (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). Lucasfilm Ltd. 2016. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
GIACCHINO M. (Spider-Man: Homecoming). Sony Classical. 2017.
GIACCHINO M. (War for the Planet of the Apes). Sony Classical. 2017.
The Incredibles Ratatouille StarTrek Up John Carter Star TreK: Into Darkness Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Jupiter Ascending Jurassic World Star Trek: Beyond Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Spider-Man: Homecoming War for the Planet of the Apes

GLOBUS. (Epicon). Globus Music. 2006.

GOLDENTHAL E. (Interview with the Vampire). Geffen. 1994.
Interview with the Vampire

GOLDSMITH J. (Breakheart Pass). GSF. 1975.
GOLDSMITH J. (Star Trek I - The Motion Picture). CBS. 1979.
GOLDSMITH J. (Masada). MCA. 1980.
GOLDSMITH J. (Gremlins). Geffen. 1984.
GOLDSMITH J. (Supergirl). Varese Sarabande. 1984.
GOLDSMITH J. (Legend). Filmtrax. 1985.
GOLDSMITH J. (Innerspace). Geffen. 1987.
GOLDSMITH J. (Star Trek V - The Final Frontier). Epic. 1989.
GOLDSMITH J. (Gremlins II - the new batch). Varese Sarabande. 1990.
GOLDSMITH J. (The Omen (1976)). Varese Sarabande. 1990.
GOLDSMITH J. (Total Recall). Varese Sarabande. 1990.
GOLDSMITH J. (Basic Instinct). Varese Sarabande. 1992.
GOLDSMITH J. (Forever Young). Big Screen Records. 1992.
GOLDSMITH J. (Legend (1985)). Silva Screen Records. 1992.
GOLDSMITH J. (Medicine Man). Varese Sarabande. 1992.
GOLDSMITH J. (Supergirl (1984)). Silva Screen Records. 1993. <= digital d'load (Qobuz)
GOLDSMITH J. (Congo). Epic. 1995.
GOLDSMITH J. (Star Trek VIII - First Contact). GNP. 1996.
GOLDSMITH J. (Planet of the Apes (1968)). Varese Sarabande. 1997.
GOLDSMITH J. (Small Soldiers). Varese Sarabande. 1998.
GOLDSMITH J. (Star Trek IX - Insurrection). GNP. 1998.
GOLDSMITH J. (Deep Rising). Hollywood. 1998.
GOLDSMITH J. (Star Trek I - The Motion Picture (1979)). Columbia. 1998.
GOLDSMITH J. (In Like Flint / Our Man Flint (1966/1967)). Varese Sarabande. 1998.
GOLDSMITH J. (The Mummy). Decca. 1999.
GOLDSMITH J. (Total Recall - The Deluxe Edition (1990)). Varese Sarabande. 2000.
GOLDSMITH J. (Star Trek X - Nemesis). Varese Sarabande. 2002.
GOLDSMITH J. (Logan's Run (1976)). FSM. 2002.
GOLDSMITH J. (Capricorn One (1978)). Intrada. 2005.
GOLDSMITH J. (Breakheart Pass (1975)). La-La Land Records. 2006.
GOLDSMITH J. (Runaway (1984)). Varese Sarabande. 2006.
GOLDSMITH J. (Innerspace (1987)). La-La Land Records. 2009.
GOLDSMITH J. (Star Trek V - The Final Frontier (1989)). La-La Land Records. 2010.
GOLDSMITH J. (Explorers (1985)). Intrada. 2011.
GOLDSMITH J. (Star Trek I - The Motion Picture [Ltd Ed] (1979)). La-La Land Records. 2012.
Masada The Omen Basic Instinct Forever Young Legend Medicine Man Supergirl Congo First Contact Planet of the Apes Small Soldiers Insurrection Deep Rising Star Trek - The Motion Picture In Like Flint / Our Man Flint The Mummy Total Recall Nemesis Logan's Run Capricorn One Innerspace Breakheart Pass Runaway Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Explorers Star Trek I: The Motion Picture

GOLDSMITH Joel (Stargate Atlantis). Varese Sarabande. 2005.
Stargate - Atlantis

GOODWIN R. (Operation Crossbow (1965)). Varese Sarabande. 2003.
GOODWIN R. (Where Eagles Dare (1968)). Varese Sarabande. 2003.
GOODWIN R. WALTON Sir W. (Battle of Britian (1969)). Varese Sarabande. 2004.
Operation Crossbow Where Eagles Dare Battle of Britian

GRAY B. (Captain Scarlet (1967)). Silva Screen Records. 2003.
GRAY B. (Thunderbirds (1964)). Silva Screen Records. 2003.
GRAY B. (Space: 1999 Year One (1975)). Silva Screen Records. 2004.
GRAY B. (Thunderbirds 2 (1964)). Silva Screen Records. 2004.
GRAY B. (Joe 90 (1968)). Silva Screen Records. 2005.
GRAY B. ("Stand By For Action!" - The Music of Barry Gray). Silva Screen Records. 2009.
Captain Scarlet Thunderbirds Space: 1999 Year One Thunderbirds 2 Joe 90 Stand By For Action

GREGSON-WILLIAMS H. POWELL J. (Antz). Angel. 1998.
GREGSON-WILLIAMS H. (Kingdom of Heaven). Sony. 2005.
GREGSON-WILLIAMS H. (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe).
Walt Disney Records. 2005.
GREGSON-WILLIAMS H. (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian). Walt Disney Records. 2008.
GREGSON-WILLIAMS H. (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time). Walt Disney Records. 2010.
GREGSON-WILLIAMS H. (Cowboys & Aliens). Varese Sarabande. 2011.
GREGSON-WILLIAMS H. (The Martian). Columbia. 2015.
Antz Kingdom of Heaven Lion, Witch, Wardrobe Prince Caspian Prince of Persia Cowboys & Aliens The Martian

GREGSON-WILLIAMS R. (The Legend of Tarzan). WaterTower Music. 2016. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
GREGSON-WILLIAMS R. (Wonder Woman). WaterTower Music. 2017.
The Legend of Tarzan Wonder Woman

GRUSIN D. VARIOUS (The Goonies). Epic. 1985.

HANCOCK S. (Atlantis (BBC) Series 2). Silva Screen. 2015.

HASLINGER P. (The Three Musketeers). Milan. 2011.
The Three Musketeers

HEART (Bad Animals). EMI. 1987.
HEART (Greatest Hits). Capitol Records. 2000.
Greatest Hits

HENTSCHEL D. (Educating Rita (1983)). C-Five Records. 1992.
Educating Rita

HIGHAM M. MARGESON M (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children). Fox Music. 2016. <= digital d'load (7Digital)
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Love Metal

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Mad Max: Fury Road

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The Planets Opus 32

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Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy

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Wicked Game

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The Italian Job

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Greatest Hits

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The Essential Journey

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The Third Man

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Ghost in the Shell

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The Arrival

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The Dig

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Merlin Beowulf

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Spooks - The Greater Good

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Dr Who & The Darleks

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