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Date Speaker Title File Time and location
July 16th - Lab meeting N/A 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
July 2nd Chris Miall Progress in Baltimore N/A 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
June 25th Saber Sami Neural correlates of reach errors [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
June 11th Carl Jackson
Leif Johanssen
Consistent underestimation of applied forces in a multi-joint force matching task
Resource sharing between working memory processes and the control of periodic ankle movements: a series of pilot studies to establish a behavioural paradigm suitable for fMRI
N/A 2pm, Hills 1.21
May 21st Caroline Gillett Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation to the primary motor cortex interferes with motor learning by observing
[PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
May 14th Alan Wing
Orna Rosenthal
Multipersonal synchronization
Subliminal perceptual organization
N/A 2pm, Hills 1.21
May 7th Daniela Balslev Eye rotation does not contribute to shifts in subjective straight ahead: Implications for prism adaptation and neglect [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
April 23rd Kia Nazarpour
Inferring functional connections between neurons [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
March 26th Carl Jackson Illusions of force perception: the role of sensori-motor predictions, visual information, and motor errors [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
March 19th Roberta Roberts Phantom tactile sensations modulated by body position [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
March 5th Chris Miall Interacting adaptive processes with different timescales underlie short-term motor learning [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
February 26th Francesca Stregapede Task related modulation of the motor system during language processing [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
February 19th
Saber Sami Optimal feedback control and the neural basis of volitional motor control [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
February 12th Daniela Balslev
Caroline Gillett
Eye proprioceptive representation in human sensorimotor cortex
Joint cursor control in learning a shared task space
2pm, Hills 1.21
February 5th Kia Nazarpour Direct control of paralysed muscles by cortical neurons [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
January 29th Adam Hantman Cortical control of spinocerebellar processing N/A 1pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
January 15th Carl Jackson
Hoi-Fei Kwok
Illusory force perception following a limb movement
Effects of gloves and probe on texture discrimination
2pm, Hills 1.21


Date Speaker Title File Time and location
December 18th Roberta Roberts Response requirements modulate tactile spatial congruency effects [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
December 11th Carl Jackson Estimating the sources of motor errors for adaptation and generalization [PDF] 12.30pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
December 4th Neil Albert Links from complex spikes to local plasticity and motor learning in the cerebellum of awake-behaving monkeys [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
November 13th Kia Nazarpour EEG resting state networks N/A 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
October 23rd Shogo Ohmae Neural activity related to saccade and elapsed time in the frontal cortex N/A 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
October 16th Caroline Gillett
Breakdown in interpersonal coordination N/A 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
October 9th Jakub Šťastný High-resolution movement EEG classification [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
September 25th Carl Jackson Daniela Balslev (Practice talks for body representation meeting) N/A 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
September 18th Daniela Balslev Direct evidence for cortical suppression of proprioceptive afferents during visuomotor adaptation N/A 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
September 11th Neil Albert Dynamic circuitry for updating spatial representations. I. Behavioural evidence for interhemispheric transfer in the split-brain macaque [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
September 4th Chris Miall Modulation of saccadic eye movements by predicted reward outcome
[PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
August 28th Kia Nazarpour Testing Bayesian models of human coincidence timing [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
August 20th Carl Jackson Optimal feedback control of a bimanual system: contralateral  perturbations with state- and time-dependence N/A 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
July 31st Caroline Gillett Both your intention and mine are reflected in the  kinematics of my reach-to-grasp movement [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
July 24th Roberta Roberts On ignoring a simultaneously felt texture N/A 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
June 12th Raymond Reynolds Sound localisation and the vestibular system N/A 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
June 5th Neil Albert Spontaneous recovery of motor memory during saccade adaptation [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
May 29th Carl Jackson Spatially congruent proprioception improves visual accuracy N/A 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
May 22nd Kia Nazarpour fMRI data analysis with nonstationary noise models: a Bayesian approach [PDF] 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)
May 15th Adrian Haith Perceptual aftereffects of visuomotor
adaptation: a Bayesian model
N/A 12pm, PRISM lab (3.20)

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