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PRISM Alumni

Ji-Hang Lee (2003-2005) Ji-Hang joined Chris Miall's research group in 2003 as a Research Fellow, in Oxford, and then transferred to Birmingham to joint the Prism Lab in January 2004. He left in January 2005 to take a tenured post in the School of Sports Sciences, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea. During his time in Oxford and Birmingham, Ji-Hang worked on the effects of TMS on sensory-motor control, on adaptation to visual feedback perturbations in a virtual reality environment, and on eye-hand coordination in healthy subjects and cerebellar patients, including an fMRI experiment on healthy young participants.

Debbie Serrien (2004) Debbie joined the PRISM lab only briefly, having moved from a position in Peter Brown's research group in the Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London in June 2004. She then moved to a lectureship in the department of Psychology, University of Nottingham, in September 2004.

Emma Gowen (2004-2006) Emma joined the lab in February 2004, just after the move from Oxford, having completed her PhD at The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) with Professor Richard Abadi, examining saccadic fixation instabilities. She has worked on four main research investigations - whether Aspergerís syndrome individuals predict their own and othersí actions in the normal way; the control of eye-hand interactions during tracing and drawing; how fixational eye movements are related to attention shifts; how observation and execution of actions interfere. In 2006 she was appointed as a lecturer in Ophthalmology at Manchester.

James Stanley (2004-2006) James arrived almost the same day we moved to Birmingham, having just completed his PhD on emotional photographic stimuli and the startle reflex, in the Department of Psychology, University of Otago, New Zealand, under the supervision of Prof Bob Knight. He also worked as a research assistant for Prof Jeff Miller at Otago, recording EEG signals for studies in cognitive psychophysiology. He has worked on how observing another individual performing a movement interacts with our own performance of a similar movement, and the processes by which such observation causes interference in performed movements; on how forward modelling of actions leads to improved visual discrimination, and on top-down modulation of the perception of biological motion. In Dec 2006 he left to return to New Zealand.

Stephen Caulder (Computer Officer, 2005-2007) Now lecturer at North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (NEWI).

Joe Galea (2004-2008) Joe joined us as a PhD student after completing his degree in Sport & Exercise Sciences. He worked on issues of motor learning and bimanual adaptation to visual and dynamic perturbations. He moved on to a post-doctorial fellow at Johns Hopkins University.
EPSRC studentship, then at UCL, and returned to Birmingham in 2013 as a Birmingham Research Fellow

Thomas Olphin (2005-2006) Tom was a graduate research student

Gay Swait (2005 -2014) Gay completed a PhD part-time, co-supervised with Dr Alison Rushton, Health Sciences, on the relationship between neck pain and oculomotor control. She was part funded by a McTimoney College of Chiropracty Scholarship. She is a self-employed chiropractor.

Neil Albert (2006-2008) Neil came from a PhD with Richard Ivry, and spent two years with us (or rather 2 years travelling on the trains to and from Chester). He worked on bimanual skill learning, on inhibition of voluntary actions and on the influence of learning on resting state networks. In addition, he collaborated on a wide number of ongoing projects. He moved on to his second post-doctoral position in Chicago in Dec 08.

Carl Jackson (2006-2009) Carl joined the lab as a postdoc fresh from his PhD in Nottingham. He worked on unimanual and bimanual behavioural studies, including the identification of a novel somatosensory illusion and an investigation into the effect of proprioception on visual attention. He then resided in Kingston, Ontario, Canada for his second postdoc at Queen's University.

Caroline Gillett, (2007-2011). PhD Co-supervised with Dr Kim Quinn, funded by an ESRC-MRC Social Neuroscience studentship. Since 2013 - University Public engagement officer

Kianoush Nazarpour (2007-2009) Kia joined the lab while he was a PhD student at Cardiff University, and spent two years with us. He worked on brain computer interfacing. He moved on to his second post-doctoral position in Newcastle in October 09.

Francesca Stregapede (2008-2011). Co-supervised as a graduate student with Prof Antje Meyer; MPI Groningen, Fran was supported by a School Scholarship & MPI support.

Rob Hardwick (2009-2012) Rob joins us after a PhD in Sport and Exercise Sciences and was heavily involved in pursuing the use of TMS to manipulate motor learning. He has use meta-analysis to establish PMd as a core area activated during motor learning imaging experiments, and has been using rTMS over cerebellum and motor cortex to manipulate slow and fast motor learning processes. He left in late 2012 to join Pablo Celnik's laboratory in Johns Hopkins, Baltimore.

Jon Kennedy (2009-2012) was a post-doc in the lab for three years, after completion of his PhD at Cardiff. He was modelling the multiple rates of motor learning, using extensions and modifications to the dual-state model proposed by Maurice Smith and colleagues. He left in 2012 and returned to his early area of mental health nursing.

Saber Sami (2009-2013) was a post-doc in the lab for four years. He studied the effects of learning on resting state connectiivity, as well as research into the effects of TDCS on brain activity. He left in 2013 for a post-doctoral position in Cambridge.

Christian Rawle. (2009-2013). Christian was a graduate student co-supervised with Dr Peter Praamstra, supported by a School Scholarship.

Elise Lesage (2010-2013) A PhD student funded by EU ITN C7, working on cerebellar involvement in language. Since 2013 she has been in a post-doctoral position, NIH, Baltimore, USA

Maria Dagioglou (2010-2014) A PhD student funded by EU ITN C7, Maria worked on motor learning, TDCS, and on exploration/exploitation issues.She is now a post-doctoral fellow, in a robotics institute, Athens, Greece.

Se-Ho Nam (2011-2014) was a post-doc in the lab for three years, working on a collaborative project with John Tchalenko, to explore eye-hand control in drawing. He also worked on sensory thresholds in deafferentation. He left the lab in 2014.


Nicky Daniels (intern, 2011-2012)

Dagmar Fraser (Technical support officer - various periods 2010-2012)

Puja Metha
(intern, 2008)

Roberta Roberts (EPSRC and BA Fellow, 2007-2010)

Dan Wooley (PhD research visitor, 2007)

Roland Thomaschke (PhD student, Lancaster University, 2008-2010)

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